Class Test Online App

A Customized Solution for any educational system

Features of Class Test online in a laconic way:-

  1. Class Test Online is the ultimate solution for all school exams.
  2. MCQ and descriptive, types of exams, can be both conducted.
  3. School can easily create and schedule exams.
  4. Easy to use Web Portal for creating exam and also for checking the exam sheets of students.
  5. At the time of checking the questions, through Web Portal, marks can be given, which will be updated automatically on the score sheet.
  6. Schools can easily accumulate the marks of multiple exams in a single score sheet.
  7. Schools can filter the data.
  8. Unique student activation and key secure user registration are available.
  9. Unique student activation process which automatically creates Batch Module.
  10. Super Admin & School Admin which easily manages users.

Online Exams

Each student is closely guided and monitored as they follow their own, individually designed assessment by AI according to the individual needs and level.

Question Bank

Extensive Question Bank for practice covering every subject with immediate and explicit corrective feedback for effective guidance and progress

Interactive Education

CBSE/ICSE/SATE BOARD approved education content in a effective, engaging, interactive and easy way to understand and learn