An AI based solution for your school exam during lock down..

Class Test Online

Artificial Intelligence empowered you to conduct your school exam during covid situation...

Class Test Online

Traditionally, Schools / Tuition House / Teachers / Parents had adopted a one-size-fits-all approach for testing and evaluation of students, which Artificial Intelligence is changing now…

Artificial Intelligence and its derivative share is gradually finding their way into the classrooms and beyond.

How can we help you?

Tuuple has launched, Class Test Online, an AI-Powered app testing tool which capitalizes on the huge store of student-teacher interaction data, it has collected from millions of lessons to find positive testing patterns.

Benefits of Class Test Online

Online Exams

MCQ and descriptive both types of exams can be conducted. Schools can easily create and schedule exams for multiple classes or in batches.

Web Based

Easy to use Web Portal for creating exam and also checking the exam sheets of students. Assigning results for instant update of score sheets.

Easy Assessment

At the time of checking the questions, through Web Portal marks can be given which will be updated automatically on the score sheet.

Ultimate Control

Schools can filter the data. Unique student activation key secure user registration and automatically create batches and schedules.

Group Management

Manage each and every school under the group. Review, Cancel, Reschedule any exam of any school. Filter all members from teachers to classes, students, batches etc.

Easy for Teachers

School teachers can conduct the MCQ or descriptive level question, create his own question database, schedule and review the exam.

Creating and Defining Roles are easy

Super Admin

Super Admin is the Admin of all schools under the group who is able to manage each and every school under the group. They can Review, Cancel, Reschedule any exam of any school and also able to filter the school, admin, teacher, class, section or student level data.

School Admin

School admin is the administrator of a single school under super admin, who can manage the teacher and the students of the school.
They can assign a teacher for a batch or class-sec who would be able to view and manage all running and upcoming exams and data exam, class, sec, teacher or student wise.

This admin has the ability to activate / deactivate teacher or student of his/her school. He can combine exams to generate final result, he also can Review / Cancel / Reschedule exam and he can also filter the school level data.

School Teacher

School Teacher conducts the MCQ or descriptive level question and can create their own question database and can also Schedule and Review exams.


Students can give and view exams as well as get notifications about their upcoming / pending exams.

The Ultimate App For Online Exam and Class Tests

Class Test Online helps the teacher to find out the gaps in the student’s knowledge and point out where the students are struggling with subject matter through Machine Learning algorithms and programs that glean patterns from data and provide insights and suggestions for better learning.

Managing Online School Exams
  • Manage each and every school under the group.
  • Review, Cancel, Reschedule any exam of any school.
  • Filter school, admin, teacher, class, section, or student-level data.
  • Manage the teachers and the students 
  • Assign a teacher for a batch or class-sec.
  • View and manage all exams and data exam, class, sec, teacher, or student wise.
Online Class Test Management
  • Activate/deactivate the teacher or student of his/her school.
  • Combine exams to generate the final result.
  • Review / Cancel / Reschedule exam and filter school-level data
  • School teachers can conduct MCQ or descriptive level questions.
  • Teachers can create his own question database. He can also Schedule and Review the exam.

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